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Summer Camp

Summer Camp at
Spotlight Dance Academy

Spotlight Dance Academy's summer camp was designed by the owner/director, Jennifer Travieso, to maximize students learning and love for dance. In a fun, safe, and educational environment, students will have the opportunity to learn various styles of dance, such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, belly dance, and more. Classes are taught by well qualified teachers who are very dedicated to each student's needs. Classes are available for dancers ages 4-18.

Spotlight Dance Academy's summer camp is only $100 per week. Enroll today and spend an entire summer dancing in the spotlight!

What you need to know?

Ages 6-11
Ages 12-18
Payments are non-refundable and must be paid the first day of camp, or prior.
Dancers are required to wear the appropriate dance attire for each dance style. Dancers must also have the appropriate shoes for each class.
Students should bring their own lunch.